Whore of Bethlehem is:
 Ryan Sylvie – Lead Guitar
 James Vandenberg – Vocals
 Sam Axelrad – Drums
 Phil King – Guitar
 Alan Berryman – Bass


"The band consists of a handful of Texas extreme metal vets who come together to make a Christ-raping racket with hints of Behemoth and other death-heavies sprinkled over the top." – Dan Lake, Decibel Magazine

Whore of Bethlehem is an extreme metal band that hails from Austin, TX. Originally formed in 2009 by Ryan Sylvie, TJ Rodriguez, and Rene Martinez  the band was established to break away from the signature brutal death metal sound of Texas with a more blackened and sinister approach. 

With demos and lineup changes during the years since its inception, the addition of Phil King and James VanDenBerg rounded out the lineup for the debut album Upon Judas' Throne which was unleashed in the May of 2014 to high acclaim of metal fans all over the world. After the album's release the band added Alan Berryman on bass and Sam Axelrad on drums to the fold as the band continued to build a solid Texas fan base and performance momentum doing domestic tours and sharing the stage with various touring acts: Devourment, Skinned, Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Soreption, Morbid Angel, Jungle Rot, Inquisition, Marduk, Abysmal Dawn, Necronomicon, Septic Flesh, Exhumed, Nile, Arch Goat, and many more.

Whore of Bethlehem is launching its sophomore release Extinguish the Light in the Summer of 2017 on Black Market Metal Label with more tour dates and upcoming festivals outside of Texas.