The 3rd Track off the album Extinguish the Light


Breathing deeply
Ingesting the venom
The presence of hell
Burns inside the lungs
Death has arrived
Welcomed to my final chapter
Reflecting upon my life lost now gone forever

Imbrue in the flames of horrendous suffering
Writhing in the poison that consumes the soul
Grace of evil so familiar and endearing
The endless torment invokes the purest of darkness
The fire of Abbadon
The will of Lucifer
I feel the evil infection
Coursing through my soul

Jesus Christ
Has turned his back on me
I shall rise
He is now dead to me
Demonize- Heretical Tendencies
Plague my mind with murder and misery
Mutilated by hellfire
Death has become the rebirthing
Hell has spawned my creation
Flames burn away my humanity

Pain's a comforting sensation
Repulsively disfigured
Craving the death of the faithful
Overtaken by evil