the 7th track off the album Extinguish the Light


Behold my transformation
Revealed my natural form
Unleashed in a blazing inferno
In hellfire I am reborn

Cast away and Forgotten
My skull is crowned by crimson horns
Lay waste the abandoned seraph
Witness christs downfall through holy war

Driven by Hate
I command my legions prepare for battle storming the heavens gates
Craving angelic flesh
Adorned with armor unwavering hatred slaying disciples of Christ

One by one they pile below my feet
Their wings of Ivory stained with putrid gore
Life expectancy altered
Their flesh is covered
In Blood- They are so weak

None shall mourn their passing
None shall be spared their death
Cast into darkness- Sculpted by warfare
They will suffer a pain they wont soon forget

Defleshed and defaced
No longer a servant to 'his holy grace"
Now my children- they are my slaves
Their faith forever replaced by hate

They will- Renounce their former god
They will- Germinate the seed of evil
They will- Crush all hope and faith
They will- Revel in the blood of the divine