Recorded at Amp Studios, Austin TX.

Off of the album 'Upon Judas' Throne'


Traitor in the eyes of god
Treachery fills my cold dead heart
Guided by the hand of Lucifer
Fires of hell burn within me

Acts of mutilation will unfold
In the midst of my ritual
Methods of torture that await
Drag you into my Catacombs

Your blood stains my flesh
your prayers will go unanswered
Your heart still beats your fear is still fresh
Tonight you'll quell my undying hate
With each victim I satiate
My need for aggression
Carved deep into my mind
I offer you the blessing of bloodshed through force

Soon your heart will cease to beat
Chained to the ceiling lowered on my special seat

Inch by inch
Penetrated by Judas' cradle
Pray to Jesus Christ
While you're still able

Your lifeless corpse
My work of art